Australian National Squash Coach & Head of     Performance. 2017-2019

Commonwealth Games 2018 
(2 Gold, 1 Bronze)

World Doubles Championships 2017/19 
(4 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze)

World Junior Championships
2016 7th & 2019 9th
(Australia's best results in over 14 years.)

Team Australia Coach at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 (Buenos Aires)


World Champions - Australia 2001 & 2003

Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist - 2002

World Champion Doubles
Men’s x 2 and Mixed x1

Finalist of The British Open - 2000

Winner - Singapore Open 1999

Squash Victoria - Hall of Fame Inductee 

Paul Price

Paul Price is a Flow & Performance specialist and has dedicated his life to chasing flow globally from one dream to the next. 

For the past 25 years Paul has immersed himself in the world of peak performance as a world class athlete and coach, ultimately leading to 5 World Championship squash titles, a career high World Ranking of 4 in singles, World #1 in doubles and a Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal. 

In addition to this Paul held the prestigious role of Australian National Coach & Head of Performance. In his tenure, Paul led Australian team athletes to a humbling number of World Championship and Commonwealth Games Medals throughout the span of a few years. 
After a challenging period and a deterioration of personal well-being due to a high stress toxic work environment, Paul resigned as The National Coach in 2019. It was the major challenge of learning how to re-identify with himself, apply new skills to optimize his personal well-being and re-deploy his champion mindset that exposed the passion he had in the mental game of peak performance. It was clear that leading a high-flow life has its major benefits, but equally its major fallbacks. Paul believes it’s vital that we oscillate between the two intentionally and with grace, and our experience and performance in life are heavily dependent on how purposeful we are in living into our core humanistic needs. This involves growing our mindset, constantly challenging ourselves while also committing to deep rest and recovering. Ultimately––this is what leads to a high flow lifestyle. That is what the Inspired Peak Performance method is designed to do. On the back of working with leading sports psychologists globally and being trained with Flow Science leaders, Flow Research Collective Paul Brings together the science backed principles and coaching methods that lead him to major success on and off the court and dives deep into the evidence based principles that Paul observed to be the missing pieces in his personal success and failure. These missing pieces are vital to the failure and struggle required to lead and connect deeply and with grace. “The training, coaching & program is what I wish I had available to me 20 odd years ago”
2018  Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists - Men’s Doubles 
Zac Alexander & David Palmer