Athlete Services

I am committed in guiding high performers to create the space of excellence that leads to game changing insights, actions and performances in and out of the arena.

The Inspired Peak Performer  
1:1 Coaching

Welcome to The Inspired Peak Performer, my signature 1:1 coaching program.

This program is designed bespoke to you and is focused on not only helping you overcome the mental battles to achieve your full potential as an athlete, but to build on the strength and growth that you have already attained to become elite.

If you are an athlete who knows that improvement is always available to us and are truly wanting to excel in and out of the arena and thrive in life while pursuing greatness. Then this is for you!

I understand this journey well. Not just because I've been a world champion athlete, but because I struggled through the mental battles deeply in pursuit of my goals.

 The Inspired Peak Performer Sessions and program will allow us to go deep and bring awareness and focus on optimising your well-being, nervous system, brain, and performance IQ to support your talent, skills and opportunities through creating your flow state blueprint in and out of the arena.

With personalized coaching, we'll develop resilient and simple habits that will enable you to perform at your best both on and off the field. Join us today and let's unlock your full potential as a human being doing athlete things.

Strictly Limited & by referral or application only

What's Included?
Weekly 1-1 sessions 60-90mins
(In-Person or Online Zoom)

Free Access to the Inspired Peak Performance Method coaching app.
1x Monthly catch-up with Head Coach
Pre-event/match, visualisation/breath work, intention conversations.
(time zone dependent)

Personalised FlowStarter Recording 24/7.

Voice note, call or text Support
(24hrs max response time)
Tournament or Camp Travel is available at an additional daily rate.

Click the link below to set up an assessment call with Paul to see if The Inspired Peak Performer is for you.

1:1 Coaching
Session Packs

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level?

Our 1:1 Inspired Peak Performance Coaching Packs offer you the flexibility to use your sessions as you see fit.  

With personalised coaching from a world champion athlete, you'll learn how to optimise your well-being , nervous system, brain, and performance IQ to reach the flow state both on and off the field.

Our coaching focuses on developing simple habits that will enable you to perform at your best, and overcome mental battles that may be holding you back.   Join us today and let's unlock your full potential as an athlete.

The Gamechanger
Group Coaching Pod

The Gamechanger is a 12 week intimate  online coaching program that helps athletes conquer mental obstacles and reach their full potential.

Learn the strategies from a 5 time World Squash Champion and former Australian Coach that help you win the mental battles in and out of the arena while sharing a journey with a small group of driven athletes who are all wanting to learn, grow and connect while supporting each others individual pursuit of greatness.

The Program includes:
Weekly Online Group sessions (recorded)
Chat Groups
Q&A Coffee Chats
FlowStarter Recording
The GameChanger Workbook
On-going weekly support for the duration of the program

Limited to 8 Athletes per pod, this program will connect you to the tools and a team away from your team for guidance, support and a crew that want's you to win everyday.

Starting Sept 2023