What Others Are Saying...

 ”Having know Paul for a few years now and also having him as a guest on my podcast, I can say that he is absolutely world class in what he does. Not only has he competed at the very highest level, but he has also excelled in coaching and mentoring others. He is someone I would recommend without hesitation.”   

Allistair McCaw
Performance & Culture Expert

”Every once in a while you meet someone that is connected to the fiber of life on the deepest level. Paul Price is one of those people. His drive as a pro athlete, integrity and ability to clearly communicate are not only the qualities of a leader but also a leader that can change the lives of others”  

Joe Courtney
Chicago Bulls/Phoenix Suns NBA 

I Started working with paul leading up into what was going to be the biggest time in my career. Unforeseen injury occurred whilst preparing for a home World Cup and all I can say is I am very fortunate that I reached out.

 I never could imagine doing it alone and I’ve learnt things that will help me for a lifetime and I’ve benefited from being able to open my mind to the possibilities of a calm state and now have the tools to just about get through anything.  

I was going through the toughest time in my career to date and paul was there for me every step of the way in exactly the way I needed him to be.

A phenomenal human, extremely intelligent coach and a true desire to help every individual no matter the circumstance.  

I Couldn’t recommend him enough. A mindset coach was something I never thought I needed but it opened my eyes up to how much more in life there is to access and achieve.

Emily Gielnik
Professional Football Athlete
Matildas, Aston Villa

I am so fortunate to have been brought together with Paul Price. After our first meeting, I could see that it was a non-negotiable to get involved in the Inspired Peak Performance work.

 The initial ease and comfort of our chats created a natural space to be vulnerable and challenged into the athlete I wanted to be on and off the court.

 It’s rare to find someone who is capable of providing career-changing results in such a short period of time. I literally had the best athletic performance of my life one week after connecting with Paul.

You can’t make that stuff up! It was an easy decision to continue to work and become involved with IPP, and one of the best decisions of my life!  

Sabrina Sobhy (USA)
Professional Squash Athlete
World Ranked #15 

  I have been working with Paul for over 6 months now and have built a strong connection with him. He is someone I trust and I can tell he genuinely cares about me as a human being. I always leave our sessions feeling determined, fulfilled and clear with my weekly intentions.

I believe Pauls knowledge in this field of performance is invaluable and am very grateful I was introduced to him when I was. He has not only changed and improved my mindset around my performance by also my life.

Paul has helped me simplify everything and understand my body and the power I can have over it by implementing simple yet effective routines or triggers.

I genuinely really look forward to our conversations and have noticed improvements in my mental state a lot quicker than I would have expected.
 If you want to improve your performance in anything and I genuinely believe anything in life, if you commit to working with Paul he will go above and beyond for you and I have no doubt your performance will improve.      

Bryce Hegarty
Professional Rugby Athlete
Western Force, Leicester Tigers, QLD Reds

The highlight for me so far has been learning to regain the control of my thoughts during my athletic performance.

 I started working with Paul a couple of months ago and I was really struggling with the control of my thoughts, self-belief and motivation but by using Paul's IPP methods, I'm starting to feel back to a much better version of myself.

 Paul has definitely helped me find a much better work/life balance, encouraged me to actively engage in my hobbies and the things that I enjoy doing which will in turn will help me in my career.

I thought that in order to be successful and to get the best out of myself was to dedicate all of my time concentrating on my sport. I have learned that taking time off, allowing myself to enjoy other things provides me with the mental break that I need and to perform better in each session that I do have.

 I thought that "flow" was something that just happens when you get lucky, however now I have learned that there's certain steps that I can take before competing that will help me have a much better chance of finding flow during a match.

 I would encourage anyone who is considering working with Paul to absolutely do it! He's definitely made a significant difference on me in the short amount of time we have been working together and I'm confident he would have a positive impact on all athletes or in other fields of work also.  

Greg Lobban
ProfessionalSquash Athlete
Scottish #1 - WR #30

Since working with Paul over the last few years I’ve experienced increased enjoyment of the process of training, competing and balancing/thriving in all areas of life.

 I’ve found myself living more presently, in my power and detached from outcomes. Improved wellbeing and satisfaction.

 More present, gratitude and increased presence of positive emotions and ability to accept and let go of negative emotions.

Before working with Paul & The Inspired Peak Performance Methods I thought that I had to think more and smarter to play better/think my way out of each situation.

I've realised that I need to FEEL and trust in my abilities and instincts in the present moment in order to play my best and let the rest take care of itself.

A much more enjoyable way to play too! Paul never fails to inspire me each and every encounter.

 His wisdom, passion and guidance shines through & stays with you. I wouldn't be where I am now without Paul.

Alex Haydon
Professional Squash Athlete
World Ranked #73

”I’ve been working with Paul for over 6 months now with performance coaching…..and I could not be happier.

This is up there with the best investments I have made in myself. My performance and mindset has shifted significantly across some of the most important facets in my life and I am learning more every session.

Paul has been personable, ultra professional, flexible and very knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend Pauls services if you are looking for high performance.”   

Carl Freshwater
CEO - Freshwater Financial Planning

”We hired Paul to come in and train our team at Remax Property Group in April.

The 4 weeks of training provided our team with the skills and tools to create a more focused approach to our system and clients, leading to a more engaged team on all fronts.

 It’s not often you get to be trained by a world champion who has the skills and knowledge to back up his achievements and apply them to our industry.

We will be continuing to work with Paul into the future to continue our growth and focus towards our goals” 

Danny Woolbank
Principle/Owner Remax Property Centre